Friday, March 4, 2011

LETTER: Reason allows us to discern what is moral

Reason allows us to discern what is moral

From the May 19, 2008, edition of the Observer-Dispatch:

A recent letter writer attributed the lack of morals and common sense in modern society to getting rid of the Ten Commandments, atheism and the teaching of evolution. Common sense should make it obvious that those things have nothing to do with immorality whatsoever.

Simply put, evolution explains the process through which life developed over time. Exactly how does accepting this make one immoral? Using this logic, one could assume that our children’s biology teachers are an unscrupulous lot.

Ironically, the Bible provides us with instances supporting a barbaric sense of morality, which most Christians have since outgrown. For example, would you consider stoning a woman to death for not being a virgin when married as ethical?

Despite what religious texts tell us, it is ultimately our reason and common sense which allows us to discern and fairly discuss what is moral.

A. C. LaMonica

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